Hellbound (Ft. Unknown Mizery & Kaotny)

by St. Peter

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Unknown Mizery [verse 1]

"so cold"
they puppeteer your fears
and faces take you for your pain
photocopy years of blood sweat and tears
from a photo-op of fame
face cropper drop your name
spare alot but never drop the change
wheres your palm here's a glock to aim
and this book you blame
so you can walk and get taught through page
my ink has alot to say, locked in this freedom cage
like liberty square there's no liberty there
mizery stares, prepare less i forgot
im nothing more then a soundwave and a thought
i stand for what i die for, i am for what i am lord
he caught the camcord
on the campus, here's a sample of my habits
i speak my mind till you all cringe
i pull your card im all in
born again spittin' freely
no practice act just be me
the bitter roads the right road, no one said it was easy
changes in gravitation
stainless evaporation
gone with the gust of wind, torn by the clutch of sin
only laws from the judge in every sentance
only cries from the love of every vengeance
kill for dollars senseless

[bridge talking]


Kaotny [verse 2]

hut 2, hut 3, hut 4, hut 6
nailed to your crucifix, put the devil in the mix
sweet poison from her lips
temptress blow me a kiss
a gift, deadly embrace tight grip
wide hips, them ocean's is wild sink ships
think quick, think this might be my last night of bliss
mistress, from fifth to sixth gear shift
flyin' long mile read the clicks
my style got her wildin' as im risin' this is it
emotion got me stiff, enter the poison pit through the slit
her clit, slithering snake viper pit
lips grip with control, then constrict
many men have slipped, souls sent adrift
money all in lose your chips who ya with
venomous bitch the venom she spits will render you sick
blood drips, so she licks


[outro talking]


released June 10, 2011
Unknown Mizery (vocals)
Kaotny (Vocals)
Saint Peter (Production)



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St. Peter Toronto

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