The Epitaph

by St. Peter

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    'The Epitaph' Compilation Album, consists of many artists who all come together to speak on political, spiritual, and emotional
    subject matter. This is a window into our world for the fans. Some of the features include: Elezar, Kdb, Hell Razah, Kaotny, Tellavizion
    and many more. The meaning behind this project is based around understanding that in order for something to grow, you must
    first recognize what that is in all honesty. We feel that hip hop is dying in its essence. the word "epitaph" is simply the words written
    on your tombstone. Hip hop is dying and must be resurrected and this is that first chapter. On top of the meaning behind this project,
    with the majority of the album produced by St. Peter, the canvas was laid perfectly. This is not
    corny hip hop for the kids. This is what we feel needs to be done in order to change certain things in this world. Time to wake up.


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    You can purchase a special edition copy of "The Epitaph" on CD which comes with a metal Global Lords Pendant, Long Sleeve Shirt, Poster & Stickers.
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Album Review:
as reviewed by Pedro 'DJ Complejo' Hernandez -

If you want that hardcore, raw, pure hip-hop look no further than "The Epitaph." It's a collection of 16 tracks that harkens back to the raw, gritty hip-hop coming out of New York City in the mid to late 1990s. The most surprising thing about "The Epitaph" is that it's mainly a product of Canada. Sure, the album features a fair number of NYC emcees, but the backbone of the compilation is the production. Produced mainly by up and comer St. Peter, the production on "The Epitaph" sets the tone for album. With a Hell Razah feature, it'd be easy to compare the compilation to the Wu sound, but despite its singular theme of bringing hip-hop back, "The Epitaph" manages to give us enough variety to stand out amongst the pack of other similarly minded projects.

"The Epitaph" is fueled by dope production. St. Peter's production is consistent, yet avoids being predictable or boring. The tracks tend to be anchored by a dark, murky bass line and livened by energetic samples and synths. "Built to Destroy" is driven by urgent piano notes and equally urgent lyrics:

"It's been a good year, sarcastically speaking
Obama's got the mass majority of y'all believing in change
Took the battlefield and just rearranged
Troops from Iraq got put in Afghanistan
And Harper, he would sell this country truly if he can
My people spilt blood and broke they backs for this land
I've lived here long enough to say I truly comprehend
Old versus young and woman versus man"

Dark, cascading piano notes give "Triple Threat" a murky feel as Sporadic and Sweats flex their lyrical skills. Eerie vocal samples layered over a simple, pulsating bass line drive the paranoid, social commentary Elezar delivers on "The Epitaph." Even though the crew of emcees found on this album tends to address the same topics, they do provide some lyrical variety. Sweats and Kaotny deliver a heartfelt story on "Loves Woundz:"

"She was fourteen years old, six months pregnant
Two abortions already, but one she regretted
Witnessed hard times, whispering thoughts from a dark mind
Watching her mom get beat, so she though it was normal naturally
The cycle continues, confused by how it had to be
Generations lost, we caused too many bad lies
With her hands tied she still reaches for the skies
As she cries she dreams of a better life
Couple dudes, she was their girl, but never a wife"

Even when KDB revisits familiar themes on the somber "Brimstone," one can't help but vibe to his dark, cynical outlook on life. The emcees also do particularly well in differentiating themselves on their respective songs. Tellavizion's fast, confident flow provides a nice contrast to the more deliberate delivery of guys like Elezar and KDB. Basically, the emcees tread the same water throughout most of the album but are dope enough to avoid the monotony and boredom that usually comes with such a single minded approach.

While the solid production is the back bone of this album, all the emcees spit with the passion and hunger necessary to make the album work on all levels. Hell Razah's track is very dope, but far from the clear cut best song on the album. Guys like Elezar, KDB, Sweats, Eso Teriq, and Tellavizion really take advantage of their songs on this album. The recurring social commentary themes have the ability to become redundant, but the emcees make up for it with raw energy. No one sets out to rewrite the book on this album, instead they tell the same story in a refreshing, headnodding manner. "The Epitaph" isn't for everyone, but for those looking for that vintage street-hop sound it will be very satisfying.

Music Vibes: 8 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7.5 of 10


released June 1, 2010

Executive Producers: St. Peter & Elezar
Album Artwork: GLP Design



all rights reserved


St. Peter Toronto

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Track Name: Hell Razah - Gunz Oil & Drugz
[Verse 1]
We get our guns outta VA
Accused by that new DA
"Build on it God" but what about the USA
M16's & AK's playin our music
the way the shit seem were gunna need a better solution
they got the feds on our distrubution
we got em fed cuz we be a movement
it ain't no constitution
but it's ok when the cops is shootin'
who gotta die next
before we rise out these projects
they shot Pac and no suspects
they shot Biggie that's enough deaths
we got our suns left
We on the run till our last breath
may justice let our souls rest
we get revenge through our success

Gunz oil and drugs
it's the God that Americans love
we don't trust no political thugs
but where we gettin it from
got united snakes wired and bugged
for warcrimes swept under the rug
so now I'm askin the judge
this the God that Americans love?
they even robbed the planet earth of its blood
Guns oil & drugs

[Verse 2]
it's like a plot in a terrorists brain
that was trained to put bombs in our highschools,
bridges and planes
Patriot games unexplained chemical flames
left us widows of the world trade feelin the pain
now the blame got Barak whosane
gotta explain
is he framed or its black mail
its even harder to tell
when you in jail
or you under a crack spell
its just rebellious times of blind leaders
my minds deeper
then the vines inside reefer
therefor all my rhymes is not ether

[Verse 3]
Before the planes crashed in manhattan
the bush family bin in business with the bin ladens
the paid assasins then they raise the gasses
they use taxes as a mere disctraction
send our soldiers back in wooden caskets
exxon is what killed sodom
colon powell step for the next uncle tom
but dick chaney wasn't charged for his firearms
when north korea bout to be another vietnam
energy ex-cons
robberies and enron
Ariel chron
country steady bein bombed
its global warmin every mornin that your tv's on
kill or be killed
blood suckers of the oil fields

Gunz oil and drugs
it's the God that Americans love
we don't trust no political thugs
but where we gettin it from
got united snakes wired and bugged
for warcrimes swept under the rug
so now I'm askin the judge
this the God that Americans love?
they even robbed the planet earth of its blood
Guns oil & drugs